Workshop & The North Bazaar

"Because it is legendary moment.... x')" -----Left: Clara Devi, Right Sonia Eryka-----
Again, got to meet my fave fash. blogger for the second times, Sonia Eryka! *lovestruck*

*****The Bazaar and The Workshop*****

-----We happened to make DIY Transparent Clutch.-----  
I'm going to wear that transparent clutch on my coming posts :)) 

Next class that I don't take, DIY flower crown by Clara Devi.

Lucy, xx

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Lucy Lie is a student who has constant love for Arts and Vintage Fashion but choosing to study Global Politics in university because she found it as significant as twice. No one can beat her at daydreaming. Things she believes to be true; Pug is the Cutest Animal Alive, Indomie Taste Better With Milk and----Jesus not supposed to be part of our lives but instead, our whole lives.