"I never learnt to turn this exhausting pain into bliss"

A fair passage of Jonghyun's final letter shared to his close friend. Jonghyun wrote about the depression he suffered before he died due to committing suicide at the age 27. 
To thinks, it was last year in November 2016 I had my very first-time K-Pop concert, as a freelance photographer for media. The concert where Jonghyun was the band member, where I had no complete idea that I was lucky enough to have one chance, watching Kim Jonghyun singing live. Seeing it now, there are great number of people who lost the chance. It has cost me nothing, I got in for free. But I got out filled with astonishment. 
I remember how I was sceptical entering the concert venue, how I was not into K-Pop although I was unconsciously reading some allkpop  news, and listening to Big Bang all-time-hits. But Jonghyun was great during the concert. As a media-man, I was standing from a distance that was not too far hence I got no difficulty to …


I'm missing summer though it's always summer in the country where I'm living in, is there any of you living in South East Asia? Then this post exactly for you. A great extent summer in Asia may cause you to the dispossess ideas of how on earth keeping yourself entertained by the summer days. Summer is just like any other day for people living in South East Asia. For us, most holidays season only happened in Winter season. The reason for which the winter season seemed more extravagant. 

Did you know the longest day of the year is summer? Me too. I don't know. This I know; yes winter is coming for some part of the world, yes Christmas & New Year is coming but it's gonna be just as usual Summer Holiday, and that's the point! Holiday is coming and I need to be productive lots cause it ain't winter. There must be lots of summer activities compared to winter. Now, before I 'm keeping this post safe & sound inside my draft for the second time, lemme unt…


Post in Bahasa.Hari ini aku akan mereview produk beauty, yap bagi yang telah mengira-ngira, ini adalah pertamakalinya blog aku bekerja sama dengan produk beauty. Dengan post ini bukan berarti aku akan berubah haluan menjadi beauty blogger! Sebelum aku mereview produk lokal dan orisinil homemade dari Medan ini, aku mau kasih tahu apa sih kegunaan Lip Scrub sebenarnya? Mungkin udah banyak yang pernah dengar Lip Balm, pengoles bibir untuk menhindari bibir kering dan pecah-pecah, tapi Lip Scrub? Apakah sama? Feature nya berbeda tapi memiliki benefit yang  bisa dibilang hampir sama. Lip Balm mengobati bibir kering, Lip Scrub mencegah bibir kering dan mengobati bibir yang menghitam akibat pengaruh penggunan make up.  Lip Balm sendiri yang tidak berwarna akan meninggalkan residu pada bibir kita (seperti Lip Stick) ia tidak membersihkan apa-apa pada bibir —kita hampir tidak pernah membersihkan bibir dengan facial wash atau sabun. Jadi memang hanya dengan Lip Balm saja tidak akan  cukup. Keguna…


HOUSING STUFF Stuff like Poster Frame, Wall Wallpaper (for those who delighted in Art and room decorating of course) Bed Cover or any Stationary, a Coffee-Brew machine for people who loves Coffee—not me, I prefer Tea. Nice Mug, beautiful Plates, cool Cupboard, or a Bookcase. For women in their twenties they have usually moved into new apartment or having a new small flat because, for the Indonesian they’re most likely to overseas and living far from home. For the American, it is a common thing for women in their twenties to have a new place to live alone apart from their parents. It’s like a piece of must growing-up process that need to interface with.
SKIN CARE Like of course, our skin start aging at the early 20-21 years old. The very basic skin care we most needed are Eye Cream, tossed to our dark circle eyes because those sleep deprivation. A face lifting wash package that can reduce our cheeks to slowly fall down. And any 'reduce wrinkle' products will do.



It has been ages decades to not throw sumthin' on this space! This to continue my Last Post: Dresslink Wishlist. After I wrote a post about Dresslink on August last year, I was very delighted receiving my very first collaborating/endorsement package directly from China through PT. Pos Indonesia 2 or 3 months later, either on October or November I guess. And to make a review about it a 6 month later is quite...I know, if this was some kind of viral joke—there you go mentioning 'Damn, Daniel back at it again with the white vans' last February, people would respond this as if this was so-yesterday, an effin' hackneyed and out-of-date post that not even worth mentioning. People will get over an old joke! But hold up, this is not a viral joke, it's just a postponed-review. It could be old but it's not a waste to throw some writings for people in need to read it, it's still information-able anyhow. Ok sorry for making excuses! the point is i apologise for the la…



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P.S.I apologize for my lack of posting (the last post I made was last year) I am so overwhelmed by Uni's routines and stuff and stuff and stuff. I struggle to maintain my energy and time so I can enforce myself to deal with it. I will start & finish all Blog Cooperation posts and project ideas and massive posts on my drafts this very soon before at the end of March! Hope you understand. xx 


Back from my long break, here's today I am bringing my very first E-Commerce post on my blog. Online Shopping game has gone so strong, let's say, what a very genuine escape, Online Shopping is! To a shopisticated folk, online shopping has become one of the habitual part. But the most important part is, if we could only find the right site to shop. I am now so struck by the fashion online shopping site that I've found recently, with bunch of pretty gorgeous looking stuff there, it took me days to decide the best wishlist because it just so confusing and hard-to-pick. Not to mention with those positives reviews I have read for each stuff and the low prices! Oh I need to throw it down, definitely. I can't keep it by myself. Here's  top 8 wishlist, or I must say Top 8 Item that will fill your Daily Chic Look! All Items Under $15!You can simply clickthe title to go to the direct source! 
1. Summer Floral Dress
 I like the floral dress which seemingly a typical grunge dre…