Personal Highlights In 2014

It's very cliche isn't? New year, new you. I'm not done yet making a resolution for 2015, I have made it in my head what to do lists in 2015 tho I didn't much really enjoyed with the idea of it. Because I'm sort of a mid-perfectionist and yet a sort of let-it-flow girl, this was a complex mix. I sometimes never give a damn over few things cause better it's surprises me than I expect it to be (I remember the last time I let things surprised me and I cried for it over months because it turned out terrible surprise). It happened as well when I have done a-well-made plans and wasn't worked out as it should be, I went stressing my self out for weeks. Sounds cray. But I have figured out that I wasn't including God that time and wasn't prioritizing Him in my daily life. Now I better kept my 2015 resolution for myself that only God and one self knows. Let my resolutions known when it become realities. I'm still pretty much excited for 2015, nevertheless, this goodbye of 2014 bring us to a new hello, new journey, and to a new story which may remains. But what is far remarkable to all those new thingy is, the new you. You can't be the same person through all the years, innit? What version of you that you choose to become, is it to be more intelligent or less excusing version of you, that's matter. As for me, to be honest, I'm rebel and very impatient person which explain why I always argued and fought with my Mum so many, many times. (which is not good for my health, how can you persist with anger inside you everyday?). That's it, I want the new me. I need to possess God's gentleness. Renewal from the inside is far more important than the improvement from the outside "New year, New you" from Nick Vujicic's podcast.

     My           2 0 1 4           H i g h l i g h t s    : 

1. Do-it-myself Ombre Hair.

2. First photoshoot in early 2014 with Ombre Hair.

3. Experienced, again, Cell Community.

4. Got to meet again my "lost" cousin on family's wedding.

5. Having a nice convos with my cousin and got to visit my fave blogger's cafe: Ninotchka.

6. Olivia, my partner in almost everything (passion, God, even arguments) 19th birthday dinner exclusive invitation.

7. Got to visit remarkable bar & restaurant from 56th floor building, SKYE with my bestest before farewell.

8. Letting go my only current closest best friend I have, study abroad to German.

9. Walked on very first clumsy runway at Senayan City. And got to meet 5 Asian's Next Top Model S2.

10. Got   f i r e d   from my permanent job on the 3rd day because I was rebel. 

11. Got 1 month challenging freelance job event as SPG at Plaza Senayan in early my birthday month, after that.

12. Accidentally met a person who worked at the same event with me also a future student of the same University that I signed up to. 

13. Room renovation that I considered as a self service for my birthday present:  "SLEEP ROOM DURING MY TEENAGE YEARS #2 (19 YO)"

14. Surprised news that I've been wished for my birthday, became reality.

16. Bought myself One Direction's concert ticket with my own money from previous freelance job. 

17. Took 3 languages course, Spanish, Mandarin, and English.

18. Got to meet & took a pict with Hollywood Glee's star: Erinn Westbrook also U.S Ambassador for Indonesia on @America's talent camp.

19. Participate the President Election in my country!

20. My best friend came back from German and we reunited again with some others old friends last July.

21. Got my relationship with my old friend back, after I decided to take a distance.

22. My childhood mate came back from Dutch for Holiday and we spent days together playing, talking about the old good days when we were kids as a neighbour and classmate.

23. Experienced again, a concert-be-like in my Church's event, last August.

24. My first Braces.

25. First time play Bowling and got my first STRIKE (in case you didn't know; Strike:  A strike is scored when the bowler knocks down all ten pins in the first throw. I repeat, FIRST THROW! I'm awesome lol)

26. Changed my gadget from Apple Ipad mini to Samsung Grand 2. Well. Don't questioning this.

27. My first day in University.

28. Attended my used to be youth cell group's leader wedding on our same age old, Nineteenth, last September.

29. Got to spend my very unusual and unexplainable Three Days with my Uni's Photography club.

30. Passed English Final test on course but skipped the Mandarin. -_-

31. Got my first Car Free Day experience with my new Uni's friend.

32. First time wacthin cinema alone by myself and bought it with IDR 100.000,- (also first time)

33. Got to spend a day with my Mandarin's classmate on our teacher's farewell.

34. Got my first Canon DSLR camera (Thanks a lot, Mum)

35. First time witnessed bunch of talented people on Musical Theatre and Dance Musical Concert at my Uni's, live.

36. First time Mid Term in Uni, and all the results was unpredictably fine. God, You again izzit? :')

37. First time experienced Jakarta Fashion Week 2015!

38. Met and took a pict with superb inspiring f.blogger Sonia Eryka for second times!

39. Unpredictably got a role as supporting cast for my class' theatre project. 

40. Learnt to accept that bad days are not a bad life, during University's tough stuff (presentations, tasks, etc).

41. Loving BAYMAX movie!

42. Got to visit the new yet famous and anti-mainstream local television in Indonesia, NET TV.

43. Happened to be a supporter for classmate's contest on Cosmo GIRL of the year '14 and she won as  a Runner up. (Congratulation!)

44. Visited vintage coffee shop ala-ala UK & Europe with my cousin// Blumchen.

45. Spending Christmas Celebration in my church and friends' church.

46. Spending Christmas fellowship with 2 dudes and 3 best sisters in Christ, & laughin over Night at the Museum!

47. Visited Galeri Nasional Indonesia with my old mates who just came back from Seattle for Holiday.

48. Watched the most crucial and  my favourite movie of the year, Paddington!!!!

Well, that's all I can remember! How about you? Ok, don't think I'm doing this thing for nothing, Here's why: it is necessary to have that Self Appreciation Day after a year, however it is important to realising what you have been through in a year. What God has brought you through and how you consider everything that happened to you, is it as a lesson or otherwise as a failure, you need to throw it down, honey. The happy thoughts of 2014 will help you embrace a year ahead :). Happy New Year from here in front of my computer. May you keep including God more and more in your life this year, as I pray this for mine too. 
Lucy, xx

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Lucy Lie is a student who has constant love for Arts and Vintage Fashion but choosing to study Global Politics in university because she found it as significant as twice. No one can beat her at daydreaming. Things she believes to be true; Pug is the Cutest Animal Alive, Indomie Taste Better With Milk and----Jesus not supposed to be part of our lives but instead, our whole lives.


  1. The comment you left on my blog was the cutest comment ever! Seriously! Of course we can be friends, just let me know if you want my facebook or email or anything! And I'm from Estonia :D
    Wow, you had such an amazing year! I hope you'll have even better 2015!

    Laura from

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  3. You're so inspiring, Luce! :))

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