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For any cooperation and endorsement please bear in mind that the author will be putting her University & research first, therefore please be patient for a post review, the author won't compromise by not posting a review after received the products. Furthermore, due to this is a personal blog, the reviews written here are the author's honest opinion alone. The author's cannot receive any bucks for making a coercive post. This statement is absolute and inviolable.

In addition the author's thoughts and opinions change from time to time, therefore an open mind is necessary while reading this blog. And as such any thoughts and opinions expressed on this blog, readers may find any similar sentence whether it is credited or not. That is due to author's inspiration may comes from everywhere. The author will re-write a sentence from a book or what inspires the author with her own shape and approach. The author may not always remember to put a credit due to forgetting where the sentence from. Nevertheless, the author is a firm believer of Nothing is Original as it is said by Austin Kleon on his New York bestselling book Steal Like An Artist.

The author now currently on a break from social media, and barely active on Instagram and such. The author decided to live apart from those for quite long time. For necessary needs the author now only using facebook and LINE messenger.

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