Monday, Ninotchka And Oh, I Am Taking A Gap Year...

M&N Monday and Ninotchka.

How was your latest Monday? Is it Monday always be a Nightmares? To be honest, every Monday in past few months for me are such blessings. I started to love Monday ever since I’m in a long relationship with weekends, everyday is a free days for me. I’m no longer a High School student, not yet an University student, not into any formal works. So, Monday isn't a big deal for me, I can sleep and woke up all I want, not necessary stressing about what I’m gonna wear to Uni, what time it is now, come late to office or Uni, homeworks, stuff to do in works, routines and bla blah, AT LEAST for now. After I graduated from High School I decided to take a break for a year, I need this precious time to do what I like, to recover myself, to have more time knowing myself, to having-fun. Cause when I’m get into University later I’ll never can do such things, and will never feel the same way about Monday, everyday will be a war, a War to win my future. Then after I graduate I’ll be busier than I was in University, I’ll apply in so many Companies, work, having a business, having a husband and kids. I’ll never be as free, as young, as I am today. I’m going to University in this September so I still have 5 months to go to cherish this precious time. I never get bored over my free days, never. Uhm, Actually, I did have 1 routine, an English Course. :)


Sixth Avenue Citra Garden, West Jakarta. "A Small Version of PIK"

Monday, 24th March 2014, I had a very good time at Ninotchka. One of the-most-visited Café in Jakarta —featured in JKT GO— owned by my favorite young 20 y.o fashion blogger that I’d like to meet for second times, Sonia Eryka!:) This café handled by two siblings, Sonia and her brother. Not long after I tweeted in my Twitter that I was joyless that my closest friend had a chance to visit this Café and the fact that I’ve been wishing for almost 2 years to visit this café but still haven’t had a chance, it left me a heartbreaking (not literally) Ninotchka is far from where I live, though it still in Jakarta but it’s from center to west and took maybe 1 hour to go there ―if it’s in a bad traffic—. And last Monday I got there. it's a very best feeling to step into Ninotchka’s door after you thought you was in a hopeless wish. I was sleep over in my family's house in Palem (West Jakarta), after my family's wedding, and for that reason I was being able to go to Ninotchka. It also because my used-to-be work mate who surprisingly happened to be my cousin live in Citra II suddenly asked if I want to go out for a lunch and I said "yes" and she mentioned that what if to Ninotchka? and I said "YEEEES" then she drove me to Ninotchka.. (Thanks a lot! She already knew that I have this desire to visit Ninotchka! That's why!) That Monday we were the first customer, not crowded by people so we felt more comfortable. Unfortunately, Sonia wasn’t there, her bro who is more often take over that café. 

After a year, me and Ninotchka's twitter account are following each other, I've finally just got a chance to visit and taste theirs famously capable food to make your mouth watering! And yes, I would like to come back and hoping to meet Sonia! 

             At Ninotchka's 2nd floor

"Cause, life is about to cherish
every single day
is a blessing :)"

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