----Chain Necklace: CHIC----Studded Bracelet: Mangga 2---Bag: Pasarbaru---Dress: Naughty---Shoes: ICONinety9---

Model: My childhood best friend, Cynthia 
Photographed, choreo, make up, hairdo, and wardrobe by me
Taken with EOS Canon 1100D

It was my friend birthday on May 26th so I gave her a present. That monochrome dress and white shoes are my present I gave to her. In this bad period I had right now called over-weight (am not tryin to hide it), its impossible for me to wearing that kind of dress without making a fool with myself. Yah not to mention about if I add a blazer or anything, but my concept for this photoshoot was simple and classy by the Magni(mono)ficent of black and white colour, so yah I believe fashion is not only appreciation of what good on us but also what good on others, anyway I don't forget to thanked my friend for her willing to take a part of those previous posts before this, yes, in two previous post she was behind all my pictures. Thankyou, great friend. I think my turned to take a photograph of my friend is not a joke, look at how stunning my friends was in this pics and how clever my snaps was, lol. Anyway again, Monochrome already trending in early 2012 till 2013 and 2014 I guess! the fashion-mania just love how the simplicity of black and white made us look. Magnificent.

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