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Hii, what's been up with all of you guys tonite? Mine is, assumptions about a singer from Oklahoma, USA. I'm not actually a big fan of Greyson if you have seen my old post, I'm actually a big fan of a band from UK.― I'm not a fan of Greyson but since I'm a Music madness which means I love listening to music very much and I just can't ignore that I've found a really good singer. I never really like Greyson's kind of music in the first place but then time slap me in the face. Greyson sing a Pop Rock which exactly one of my music taste!
I started listening to Home Is In Your Eyes first, while some of ppl and my friends were crazy about Unfriend You. Idk I'm not interested with Unfriend You, that time. I liked Home Is In Your Eyes song, so I started again, listening to his another song and I liked Fire and California Sky the most. But the deepest one for me is Waiting Outside The Lines I've posted the lyric on my blog anyway I am so into that song, I don't just like the song, I loved it. Unless, for music video I prefer Sunshine & City Lights. So, what's the assumptions then? Lately I've came as a #YoutubeNation and I had so much insights by watching a lot of randoms youtube videos. One time, I came out watching Greyson Chance's videos which left an impression to me, from the sweetest, incredible, till a heartbreaking.

I persuade you to watch these few videos, please do watch in appropriate sequence as the order from number 1 to another, do not skip or you'll miss something. Please do, and I'll tell you what, then.

I know right! 13 years old Greyson Chance is very cute, down to earth, and sincere.
That was when he came to Indonesia abt 4 years ago.

 5 years old Greyson Chance sing "Proud to be an American"
it's one thing to even know a whole song at 5, but to sing it which such attitude and voice at 5 is just INSANE!

14 years old Greyson Chance cover "Rolling in the Deep"
A very well-done! He has such a mature voice, isn't he? I get it now, I think he is an expressive and quite eccentric guy. Do you see the way he sang at 3rd and 4th video? His hand and body moved along over the song.

Another Rolling in The Deep by Greyson Chance. This one when he was 15 years old.
You know what? I prefer the 14 y.o Greyson sang this song. He wasn't sing it as powerful as he was before. Do you think the same thing? well, perhaps, he has lost his energy, and also his voice. His voice has changed a little bit, you feel it? And he did a lot 'swaying' while he was singing and kinda looks disorganized.

Surprised? No, maybe you don't, until you see this one, a live performance of 16th ―going to 17th on August years old Greyson Chance. I can't put this one video in this post cause I can't find the option. but here I gave you a link that will bring you to Youtube, click and do not skip.
Go watch it and you might be very surprised.
What the smurf puberty has done to Greyson's strong and powerful voice?!! Believe me, I have no idea! :(. I also found Greyson's current picture, He now get into teenager, I knew. He is not a kid anymore.
Current Greyson Chance's picture: Left: Grabbed from his twitter & right one is grabbed from website. No, you are not mistaken, Left & right pict, Greyson was wearing Batik.
Video: Greyson in Bali May, 2013. (pardon that one girl who is over-fangirl-ed with Greyson till she's not even give a damn to what Greyson have said: "take a group photo..")
Greyson came to Indonesia twice, so i guess he truly bought those Batik in Indonesia. The last video you watched "Temptation" performance, that new record song was also written in Indonesia. I am proud enough as an Indonesian!Oh, and because of I saw Greyson's current video and pict these days, there's something, something I curious about... So, I try to find out. Then I found this on the internet:

Hello Greysonators/Enchancers/Greyson Chance fans (whatever you’d prefer to be called),
Before you kill me, let me just get it out of the way that I am one of you. I’m a big fan. He’s talented, he’s cute, he’s funny, he’s a perfect guy. I love Greyson. So don’t get me wrong. There’s just something that I’ve wanted to get off my chest, unless you haven’t read the title, I’ll say it again - Greyson Chance is probably gay. Don’t kill me just yet. Let me explain. No, this doesn’t have anything to do with the pitch of his voice. I don’t judge people based on those things because it’s nonsensical. I’m going to explain myself over the course of this post, and I want to do it calmly and formally so I won’t get slaughtered.
First, an obvious one. Greyson is very effeminate, in many ways. He’s extremely slender. Watch the way he carries himself when he walks, the way he stands when he’s standing still. And then there’s the way he speaks. No, not the pitch. The inflection. Listen to the way he talks in the recent Young Hollywood interview. As much as people blame this on “he hasn’t hit puberty yet,” that’s not a logical excuse. Just try to imagine him speaking the same way with a deeper voice as a late teen/adult. Sounds like Rufus Wainwright, doesn’t it?
Second, Greyson got bullied a lot in school. Why? He’s obviously a very sweet, caring guy. He’s friendly, he helps others. What reason would the bullies have to hurt him? The effeminacy isn’t just a theory about the reason for the bullying, it was the reason for the bullying. Greyson himself has stated many times in interviews that bullies often called him “princess.” The bullies could see it because they weren’t totally in love with him. In fact, they were quite the opposite. They saw things from the outsider’s perspective; the way a non-Enchancer sees Greyson. I’m in no way saying the bullies were right in being mean to him (bullying is horrible). I’m just trying to explain this in a way that makes sense.
Third (this one is a bit looser than the others), Greyson’s new hairstyle has revealed something - the whorl in his hair. It’s counter-clockwise. Go search “counter-clockwise hair whorl” for a minute.
Girls, don’t freak out on me. I’m not hating on him, like I said. I’m defending him. Imagine, if he is gay, how difficult it would be for him to come out at this point. His fanbase would explode. He has girls falling all over him, and he doesn’t want to let people down. See it from that perspective.
One predictable rebuttal will be that Greyson has had girlfriends in the past and he often sings about girls. Well, here’s my response to that. 1) Greyson’s young. Very young. At the time he had a girlfriend, do you really think he was sure of anything about himself? Or if he was, do you think he would act on it at that age? Besides, look how he reacts when anyone ever asks him about girls. Instantly, he’s awkward and gives very short answers, never going into any specifics. Would he has any reason for that if he was confident about his being straight? Everyone just automatically assumes he’s straight at this point. That’s never fair. 2) The only time Greyson has ever directly mentioned a girl in a song is “Cheyenne.” Once. Besides, you know how George Michael sang about women early in his career?
I’d just like to clarify one last time that I................

This letter is a credit to:  Maddy's post on Tumblr: Enchancers: Greyson Chance is probably gay.

This is exactly what I'm thinking! I realized it since I saw his latest self-twitpic (full body) on his twitter, go look up again into the pict I posted above, the left one which he was wearing Brown Batik, I saw his style in that pic and it took 10 sec for me to think "Man, this so gay" I noticed the Batik first, of coursethen after I saw that latest video, wohoo, I directly decided to find it out.
Watch this last video I gave you, I know, now you'll pay more attention to this video, check the part when a lady asked Greyson "Is it a Girl?" that's funny knowing that lady still asked him "Is it a Girl?" I mean, that's not even a normal question, and the way Greyson react to it... That's strange. He took a bit longer to answer.  
What if Greyson is truly a Gay? well, there's nothing you can do abt it. You can only keep enjoying his music, as long as he is making a good music that's ok then. I mean, don't you see, the world is just not perfect enough. Everyone has their own flaws, everyone has their own life-choices. Though I'm still hoping that he doesn't; he's handsome and talented, that's very sad if he does. But yeh this still just assumptions, perhaps Greyson still figuring out his own self-image, we never know. Anw I've heard that Greyson tries to change his style of music into something different and working on his new album, well, I pray so that his voice transformation won't avoid him on making good music. 

Disclaimer: To all Greyson Chance's fans, please do not misunderstand me, I just let my thought out. This is not addressed to judge him all the way or to bringing up his flaws, I am discovering his talent and his cuteness at first! So, this is just some kind of ANALYSIS! Do I still like Greyson Chance? I do. He is very nice and very talented, he was also wearing Batik, so I think I can't hate him so, no offence. Have a nice day! :)

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