I Met Glee's Star And U.S. Ambassador

I've been loving Glee movie series for a year since Season 4, I never really liked this Movie Series before but hey, I actually just compared Glee with Korean drama movie. I would rather watch this Musical, Real-teenager-life high school, than a Love drama which makes no any sense I mean too drama, just no. This Glee series are showing the real life teenager in U.S which is tough. Self-independent and self-character are def needed (that was what the content of the movie has taught us). Well said, this movie actually has taught us something, obviously you don't need my explanation, you know, Glee series movie has its fame over the world. But if it really necessary, here:  Glee Series. It was really an honor to have met this Glee's star Erinn Westbrook a.k.a Bree and Hollywood producer Tina Treadwell who has made many successful Scripts Movie, Trophy Wife is one of the movie she produced, funny that I actually have watched trophy wife so many times on Star World Asia and it has been becoming my fave movie series at home, coincidence huh. On this Talent Camp Workshop for 2 days I have got an epic experience as you can see below, that's my first time monologue-ing in front of 3 epic judges, plus I speak in English, yes I can speak English but ya know you still have that tiny feeling that scared the nerv out of you cus it's not your mother's language but you must show it off along the expressions in front of many people included U.S ambassador!

Erinn has shared us about her story and her advice how to make your dreams come true (esp, in Performance thing). F.Y.I: ***She was a Harvard student back then!

Here it is Erinn's preach for y'all.

So, I never again,  I think the mid point that I’m trying to emphasize here is that I never settle, I never take the easy way out, ever.” 
To conclude of my speech I have just pieces advices that I wrote down: 

1.      Congratulate Yourself
That may seem sort of weird, but not enough people do. Make sure you take time to congratulate yourself of what you already doing. –the fact that you are here right now hoping to learn from Tina and I is so inspiring cause you already doing amazing things, you already working hard and you already going the distance– make sure you take moment to say “I’m awesome and I’m doing great things.” It’s great tough goals, keep your eyes on the prize and know where you want to go but it’s also great to recognize where you are and how you got there. If you working hard and then it’s showing.
2.      Explore the Opportunities
Challenge yourself to learn more, there’s always something else you could be doing if you are a performer; auditions for something, outside the class. Continue to build your wealth. Here’s the thing: if you are not doing it, somebody else is and those of people who are going to make their dreams realities because you will be up against people like me, and your fields, people who are going the extra miles.
3.      Realize Connections
You may not think you have it, haven’t you? You probably do because you may know someone who know someone who know someone who know someone and that could change your lifes. The worst thing is if you ask for help is say “no” and the best thing is they could say is “yes” and that “yes” does changes your lifes –because it changed mine.
4.      Do what it takes
Like I said, I thought I was done studying when I got to Hollywood, I thought I was ready for that moment right then. But I wasn’t done studying. There’s still more studying I need to do, I still study. Know that you have to put in the word and you have to rolled out in your sleep, again like I said if you are not willing to do it, somebody else is.
5.      Tough Enough
Keep the “yes, I can” mentality, there’s gonna be really, really, really dark days and there gonna be time when you feel discouraged but if you working hard and you are willing rolled up of your sleep then every knows is gonna be one step closer to your “yes”.
6.      Dare to Dream
That seems super cliche, but not enough people encourage, I feel like a lot of young people are nervous or afraid to pursue what they really passionate about. –that’s why I’m so excited to see all of you here because you’re not afraid and you’re taking a first steps to at least learn about something that’s maybe a little bit different. So make sure that you recognize that life is short, wherever it is that’s make you feel alive and inspires you, pursue it. Because you’ll regret it if you don’t and you know just work hard to make your dream reality.

**First time Monologue-ing in front of Hollywood Producer, Glee's Star and U.S Ambassador as the judges.**

If you still confusing which part of Erinn Westbrook has been played on Glee, here my fave part of Erinn a.k.a Bree where she was on : Glee Season 5 

No,   you're   not   mistaken,   U.S    Ambassador    for    Indonesia    is   a    Lady. 
Feminism      merely      has     been     on     its      way :) 

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