They guy beside me was David, a friend of mine. He was helping me to deal the fear to not fall down into the sea haha

            May 13th 2012, Sunday.
                                                Bandar Djakarta, Ancol, Jakarta Utara.
                                                For price is not too expensive.
                                                The food & the teamwork is great. 

                                            Love. from the church families. X
From left Michelle Fransiska I call her Chelle though, her nickname is Icel. Then next to her Mickey Samuel the cutest  and hyperactive one. Then tante Yunni the coolest mom I ever know. Oh yes she still young!. And next to her is her son Steven Yudisthira , was one Course,one school and one class with me, even.. he was sit next to me in class. Well, he such a family guy. Then om Hendra Lukmanto the “gag” one,  a dad who sometimes express his love with wrong way. But he is truly God enthusiast. And then is me myself. See? I wore dress which stripped as same as Chelle, we were not even make any deal B-). Then last Huey Daylan the innocent one yet sweet.
Knowing this family and fact they are all Christian, went to church with them, it was leaving me a tiny profound mark inside of me. I even never went to church with my parents or my own family. I'm blessed to know them. They had rock my life and were the part of my life. 

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