13 Summer Wishlist To Help You Productive (Missing Summer Edition)

I'm missing summer though it's always summer in the country where I'm living in, are there one of you living in South East Asia? Then this post exactly for you. A great extent summer in Asia may cause you to the dispossess ideas of how on earth keeping yourself entertained by the summer days. Summer is just like any other day for people living in South East Asia. For us, most holidays season only happened in Winter season. The reason for which the winter season seemed more extravagant. 

Did you know the longest day of the year is summer? Me too. I don't know. This I know; yes winter is coming for some part of the world, yes Christmas & New Year is coming but it's gonna be just as usual Summer Holiday, and that's the point! Holiday is coming and I need to be productive lots cause it ain't winter. There must be lots of summer activities compared to winter. Now, before I 'm keeping this post safe & sound inside my draft for the second time, lemme untangle 13 Summer Wishlist That Help You Productive. #2017IsTheYearGettingYoShiiiiiiDone 

Since I have been putting my concern on Climate Change, I'd rather saving the earth and using a bike than a motorcycle. I can definitely using this during summer days! g

In summer, our skin more likely will increase in producing grease. Then this absolutely has to on the list. This electric facial brush also will help decrease early aging.

In what way to make your room, summer? Add the vibes of an ocean! By decorating your space, it does make you productive.

On Nowhere Boy, a movie about John Lennon, John first music play was Harmonica in his early life before fame. It such a very classic music tool. I love everything that oldies but goodies, during long summer holidays break you can take a quite distinctive music tool to take as a lesson.

This simply just a popped out ideas for those Introverted & aesthetic grunge fellas outthere, summer in aesthetic ways!

This honestly for me and those camera people. I want a perfect lens for my summer. Freeze moments into a square paper that make it lifetime memory?  Yes please! I want to do this for the rest of my life, not only for summer.

This had to be the best photoshoot property to people living in South East Asia that had only two seasons; rain and dry. Take a photohoot in long distinctively authentic alley holding a transparent umbrella as property and get a Japan vibes rights away.

Workout, fellas! Pump out your summer body!

Just for a decorating essential. Decluttering and decorate your space!

This is probably an ultimate summer wishlist for tech geeky. Everyone is looking for this thing ever since the January 2016 cmiiw. This also force your body to move so let's say workout in entertaining way?

Only in summer you can gardening. It's always appealing to have a lot of trees and plants in this earth. It is being productive and helpful by doing a favour to fight against Climate Change. Succulent also a major Minimalist and Instagram essential. But again, this always based on your preference. It doesn't have to be a succulent. 

By wearing this will more likey force you to take a walk to downtown instead of taking a car. Strolling around the road and showing off the sneakers.

It's always been a workout. Everytime and it always had been.

For all the items above, you can simply click the maroon title to bring you to shop the items :)) You can also check Banggood website as they are now have the best deals for clothes! For those people living outside South East Asia and craving for Summer already no worries! Summer is on its way!  And for those who excited for Winters, good news! Banggood is doing "The Super Christmas SALE" go check that out now!

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  1. great list!we have the same summer season all year long, its good to hear that you love decorating your room, we always plan to do it but laziness always win :)) especially in doing work out.

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  4. I totally agree for number 5 and 6. Since I love flowers and black, black rose would be ├╝ber great!! And yeah, I do really want a fix lens with that f, so my pictures would be perfectly nice!!
    Thanks for visiting my blog anyway!


  5. F 1.8 lens is so perfect for holiday and we all definitely need it, love your wishlist anyway :)