Most Needed Birthday Gift For Women In Their Twenties

Photo by Lucy Lie - correction: THEIR not her.

Stuff like Poster Frame, Wall Wallpaper (for those who delighted in Art and room decorating of course) Bed Cover or any Stationary, a Coffee-Brew machine for people who loves Coffeenot me, I prefer Tea. Nice Mug, beautiful Plates, cool Cupboard, or a Bookcase. For women in their twenties they have usually moved into new apartment or having a new small flat because, for the Indonesian they’re most likely to overseas and living far from home. For the American, it is a common thing for women in their twenties to have a new place to live alone apart from their parents. It’s like a piece of must growing-up process that need to interface with.
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Like of course, our skin start aging at the early 20-21 years old. The very basic skin care we most needed are Eye Cream, tossed to our dark circle eyes because those sleep deprivation. A face lifting wash package that can reduce our cheeks to slowly fall down. And any 'reduce wrinkle' products will do.

For the bookworms outsiders they might not wish to have books as their gifts but like it or not they need it. We need book in our twenties, it’s more likely we need to increase our skill for the sake of our career, our job, and for the sake of self-development, as we are in our twenties we don't want to be the same person as we are at 17. Book is the smartest and simplest way for us to explore and increase our inner-selves. 
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Again, hair styling tools here. Though I know most women having these stuff with them. Hair Foams, Hairspray, Curly iron and hair care package such Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Honey, and Aloe Vera are essentials.

Coconut Ok this is optional and yet very essentials, still. The Summer Breeze or Sweet-Fruity scent on thier skin for crucial meetings, it is important and sweet, but some women rather find it offensive. The perks of picking this as your gifts then you have to make sure what's their favourite scent... Or to avoid displeasure feeling, better choose standard package consist body foam, body scrub, body mask, and perfumes.
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This is basically not only needed for women in their twenties, but young lady as young as 14 years old are wearing make up now. I know, right? But at this stage, make up become daily needs, we are being considered as a not 'professional' if we get outside the house without wearing make up. While  in my 17 I did not feel that kind of 'society'. The make up kit for the professional twenties: Countouring and Highlighting kit.

Blazer, Leather Jacket, Neck Scarf, bunch pairs of long Skinny Jeans―no hotpants ofkors!. White Shirt, Watches, Pencil Skirt, Heels or Loafers – throwing away those Sofia and the First, Princesses, Cutie tee-shirts, Oversize Sweaters, Overalls/Jumpers that make you looks like 14 years old.
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This is no joke, I can consider this as a very profound gift. Women in their twenties are really wish to have one escape getaway from their sick routines.


Well, with the extra bucks inside! This is the least I can think of. Not necessary needed but probably, for some people are. The risk of giving them credit card: Their or your bank account will blow up with payment bill that slightly will increase your or their stress. But credit card is like a way to heaven for some people.

Apparently writting this while turning twenty one. Xo

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