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Back from my long break, here's today I am bringing my very first E-Commerce post on my blog. Online Shopping game has gone so strong, let's say, what a very genuine escape, Online Shopping is! To a shopisticated folk, online shopping has become one of the habitual part. But the most important part is, if we could only find the right site to shop.
I am now so struck by the fashion online shopping site that I've found recently, with bunch of pretty gorgeous looking stuff there, it took me days to decide the best wishlist because it just so confusing and hard-to-pick. Not to mention with those positives reviews I have read for each stuff and the low prices! Oh I need to throw it down, definitely. I can't keep it by myself. Here's  top 8 wishlist, or I must say Top 8 Item that will fill your Daily Chic Look! All Items Under $15! You can simply click the title to go to the direct source! 

1. Summer Floral Dress
 I like the floral dress which seemingly a typical grunge dress, it will definitely suit for 90's outfit. Though it is no longer Summer I still can wear it in Autumn, just play layering with white chiffon shirt or long coat and scarf to it.

2. Geometric-Pattern Pocket Dress
I am definitely so into this long sleeve. The pattern is not too tacky though, it can absolutely make anyone who wear it stand out! The fact that it was made with two pockets so we can pull our palms to it, just perfect!

3. Cape Coat
Must have item that I've been searching for it like cray! I've put this cape coat to the very first list of what-to-buy in early 2015!

4. Embroidered Monochrome Jacket
I always wanted to have a varsity jacket since on my high school (about 3/4 years go), now I find it satisfying that the varsity kinda jacket is never go out of style. The floral detail on the shoulder just too... Adorable. I can wear this with the summer floral dress too, that it will make a perfect sporty-90's vibe!

little did i know whether this kind of  shoes will fit me, since I have never 100% sure with my International shoe size. But this has to be on the list nevertheless. This boots is to die for don't you think? I can definitely rock this boots with that summer floral dress and geometric pattern dress and a ripped black/denim jeans and.. Mostly any outfit.

Back to the adolescent days of me who loved reading Manga. I could find almost every Japanese teenager in Manga such Sailor Moon (Oh so 90's..) has been portrayed with this cute and grunge over-the-knee socks that can go with every skirt or short pants. Absolutely on the list.

7. Casual Zipper Pants
A very typical outfit for those days when you feel like "wake up and go". I  feel I can walk comfortably and casually with this pants along with sandals or slips on shoes. And the most importantly I still can stay chic!

The skirt looks fit for this autumn season, looks like it could keep us warm. Regardless of its quirkiness I'd like to wear one and see how it turn out on me. This may sounds ridiculous but the skirt reminds me of either some type of the portray of Scottish, Irish or British courtesy and delicacy. That's why.

Top 8 of my wishlist from Dresslink.com (CLICK) 
Find a lot of pretty stuff as low as to $0,01! Shop now!

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  2. Great selection:) Dresslink is a very nice shop:)


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  4. I like Dresslink very much :)

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  7. Excellent wishlist, my dear!

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  8. Great selection! I love everything overknee =)

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  9. Love this amazing wishlist, the first dress is gorgeous.

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  19. Omg I love all of these! Definitely need some of those printed dresses in my life!!

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  21. That floral dress is so rad, I love it!! Seems like a really cool online store, I'll check it out. So happy I came across you blog, it's amazing!

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  22. I love everything on This list, I want it all and that geométricas pattern dress and those boots are my favorites

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  25. Wonderful wishlist:) kisses


  26. #3 and #5 is on my wishlist too! Good luck to both of us. Haha

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  27. #3 and #5 is on my wishlist too! Good luck to both of us. Haha

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  33. Oh I love the dress and the boots a lot, lovely wishlist! I'm also addicted to online shopping it's waay more fun and you can do it from everywhere. Gotta check some online shop, xoxo :)

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