2015 Colour Trend; Marsala

Source: google

Type : ( Marsala ) on google search. You'll find an appealing tasteful hue colour of red wine.

Pantone, the leading authority on colour trends, has announced that Marsala is the hue of 2015. Source: Hellomagazine.com

This goes as: Marsala is the New Black. 

I personally think that the colour Marsala will definitely rock with any colours of our skin. Dark or light, well doesn't matter. As the colour of the Marsala itself isn't a very tacky-light-unseemly-undignified, we obviously can wear Marsala colour from head to toe, as goes as Marsala is considering as the New Black, you won't think twice to wear All-black-everything from Head to Toe won't you? 
This deadly elegant colour that will make you feel calm and wild in some type of way have been seen couple of times on a Red Carpet, Magazine Photoshoot and on a Street worn by celebrity such Rihanna, Miranda Kerr, Kylie Jenner & Kendall Jenner. I even wore it to one self as my outfit for Indonesia Fashion Week 2015 which is I'll post it on my next post!

Marsala colour of the year seen on a street & photoshoot (source: google)

Marsala colour of the year seen on Red Carpet. (source: google)

Marsala is the New Black

Source: google

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  1. I love this colour, that jumpsuit in the Polyvore set is so pretty ♥