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People who see how do I look today will slightly get away from me. I looked like creep, stressed, confused, I don’t know…  is there anyone here has the same confusion syndrome as mine?  I’m mentally swimming in a deep sea with million questions and choices in it, tryin to find the way out but it seems I end up like a wrecking ball~~~~ *singing like Miley* OK, this is way too much.
The point is. Im tryin to find that perfect balance between Passion, Talent, Motivation, Personal Values, and Future Expectations to decide what major I should take in University. Yes these things are the things we literally need in order to choose our major. Not easy to find ONE Major which can accommodate ALL our wishes.

First, lets start with my passions.

1. I have the heart in photography, I did take many, many random photograph since I was in primary school till now. I just love how the way camera freeze  those moments. I’m kind of random self-taught photographer who doesn’t have  a DSLR camera hahaha. I also easily express my feeling throughout pictures, they can say a lot.
2.  I have the heart in fashion, this is what bring me here,  write a blog. I love to mix-match all the clothes in my closet. i also love to express myself throughout anything I wear. Just so you think, you are what you wear, Im so into it. And considering that my mum is a fashion expert, she is a dress maker, she’s kind of fashion addict, maybe its my mum who taught me to love fashion.

But as much as I thinking about these 2 passions of mine, I don’t want to learn these things in my University, I am.  Photography and fashion  is a natural passion which I only enjoy in my free times which I usually do in my daily life, I  took pictures, go out with style. I don’t think I need to learn my hobby in officially way, I mean, I do it because I naturally can do it, and I like it. I just want to do these things willingly, neither for work or for job. But it doesnt mean ill refuse to take a part in fashion business, id love to open a Boutique and join a project of fashion show.

3. food is the thing I can’t live without and mostly the thing that boosted my mood up like hundredth times. I really am passionate in Culinary. That way make me love the atmosphere of kitchen and I usually go to cook on the boring and starving midnight. Yes, I can cook. A little. Not as big as chef, of course.  

In this passion, I have my future expectation, I am wondering to have my own Café or Restaurant one day.
I know, it’s a big farm of money. I also wondering to presenting my own Culinary program in Television. To cook, is the thing I really wanted to learn, someone ever told me that to get in University, choose the  most major  you wanted  to learn. Hm.
Actually, I love all the things called art. Cook is an Art.

4. Communication. Idk. I love talking, I love debate, I love broadcasting like on the radio, I love performing arts, I love theater, I love drama, I love meet new people, I love  bringing my self as the center of attention sometimes.
Hm. Im still figuring this out.

5. Foreign Languages and Culture junkies. Yes I am. If you see stuffs  in my room there has many books which is a Dictionary from many Countries. When I was in my primary school I only good in English, since that, I love languages. I think I am a fast-learner in Languages. No, I don’t want to take a ‘Sastra’ or even “bahasa”.

Im kind of sleepy now, lets make it short. Motivation hmm im doing all of these, I mean choosing my major, choosing University etc, in my own way. My motivation is actually came from my family, most of my families took their major in other countries. Yes they took study abroad.  I really am also  have a dream to apply University in other country you know, but my parents aren’t that rich, and me isn’t that smart to get any scholarship.

These days. Ive been thinking too much, in a hard way, I got trouble sleeping. Ive been thinking.
I wanted to work for TRAVEL, I wanted to work that brings me to a new place, I wanted to be a person that brings a Culinary and Traveling program in a Television, you know what I mean. I wanted to go in University that can bring me a chance to study abroad. I wanted to learn others country's culture.  BUT STILL I DON’T KNOW WHAT MAJOR I SHOULD TAKE IN. GEEZ. IM NOT REALLY SURE. CAN YOU HELP ME OUT ? THANKS A LOT.

And FYI. In considering my dreams, and my favorite thing. Im planning to take IELTS PREPARATION, my mum has agreed it, ive been scheduled my placement test, if I slipped the test, I probably would learn IELTS, by 3 weeks to go, I got waiting list, cause the old class has begun far, far days ago. I know one day I could catch my dream. And this IELTS would really help me to catch. And btw, here, I make a pict from a beautiful quote that suit with my situation now. I took this pict about 4 years ago, with my Nokia. Ha ha ha. ok, im going t sleep now, goodbye. ah, please, leave your footprints like comments or else, it would be nice.
Lucy, xx

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Lucy Lie is a student who has constant love for Arts and Vintage Fashion but choosing to study Global Politics in university because she found it as significant as twice. No one can beat her at daydreaming. Things she believes to be true; Pug is the Cutest Animal Alive, Indomie Taste Better With Milk and----Jesus not supposed to be part of our lives but instead, our whole lives.


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