Harry Styles Inspired Looks And World Issues Project

Harry Styles from One Direction currently admitted by a lot of magazines said that he's the stylist man alive. Not I'm only picking this outfit because of Harry Styles, but I have seen this ripped jeans + fedora hat + black shirt + scarf were peeped out everywhere, worn by a lot celebrities such Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner and a lot more. I also have seen this outfit peeped out on a Music Festival such Coachella. This outfit probably called as LA Style? California Style? Because it is lot more seen on LA/California (hollywood celebrities) I'm not sure I haven't figured that out yet. What I think it's sure: This is particularly a hype outfit. The outfit that I wore probably not even close to a perfect Harry Styles outfit, you know, I can't afford Saint Laurent, I'm only a poor 1st year university student who still searching for a part-time job. So, yeah. (P.S. type: black ripped jeans, scarf and fedora on google) 
-----DIY black ripped jeans-----Black sheer shirt made by my mum------Old fashioned Scarf-----Marsala Fedora Hat (Forever 21)-------- 

In this post I also wanted to persuade all of my readers in case they are in finding a website or something to express their mind/ideas towards this our extremely, unexplainable complicated world. The Band (One Direction) is workin on a great, great world issues project called: ACTION 1D.

So this year the world leaders will gather at two meetings to set NEW goals and targets to tackle the world issues: Poverty, inequality and climate change. (These are important because e.g. with inequality, it could stop violence against women, meb, same sex relationships and violation off the less affluent (poorer) people in society etc.)

What they want you to do:

Submit a video or photo on the website (action1d.onedirectionmusic.com) Showing what you care about. E.g. Inequality. If you choose inequality; then, you need to explain the world you'd want to live in e.g; I want to live in a world where: everyone's treated equally... etc. Though they haven't explicitly said this anywhere; I think they probably want you to explain your reasons 'why'. (via: @stylatorarmy) on twitter.
Check out Action 2015 on twitter to find out more. Let your voice be heard! 

I like them for using the fame and big fan base for a good cause. :))

I'm not an expert, but I hope this post inspire you. See ya next post!
Lucy, xx

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Lucy Lie is a student who has constant love for Arts and Vintage Fashion but choosing to study Global Politics in university because she found it as significant as twice. No one can beat her at daydreaming. Things she believes to be true; Pug is the Cutest Animal Alive, Indomie Taste Better With Milk and----Jesus not supposed to be part of our lives but instead, our whole lives.


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