What Runway?

I didn't know how to start but, this might way too late to post this event. It almost past 3 months since the day event, Believe me I was meant to post this 3/4 days right after the ending of the event but I get distracted by some things I put my first priority on. I feel sorry for that. But, first, I wanted to thank for all of you who have or have not given me a feedback in this blog after stopping by, I was just a bit surprised by the trafficviewers in my previous post. Second, if you have already seen my chapters I have had written about this Runway [click], this post I'll share to you few pictures of how the runway was, but just have in mind that I am not trying to impress you or anybody. Go back to March 29th I was looking for an experience but some people just misunderstood me thinking that I wanted to become a model, let me explain, I joined this cause I was hipped by that brilliant TV-show Asia's Next Top Model, I watched it everyday at home and if there's a chance for me to meet the contestants I wouldn't miss it cause it would be great and I'm into fashion too, there's fashion styling class directed by Githa Moran the CEO of the famous GOgirl! Magazine. Should I miss this one, too? Besides, I'm a blogger, any events that I joined I count it as my substance. The experience of walking on the runway is the least reason why I  joined this. Different case if I was walking on the runway-together-side-by-side with the AsNTM's contestants yeah that was the advertising-event made us think, I was disappointed to be honest, they said that we can be on the same runway with them, we were indeed walking on the same runway with them but not-the-same-time. How pathetic, I was put my expectation too high, and how clever they were already made us think about that, so they can have so many participants and they can complete their mission: to get MURI record of the biggest runway with thousands catwalk-er along per time. They held it 4 times in 4 different cities in Indonesia. They really meant it. 
Fashion Styling Class by Githa Moran the CEO of GOgirl! magazine

Don't mention it, I know I'm in my "over-weight" period at that moment

friendly reminder: I'm not a model, pardon the way I walk, at least I'm not falling down.

The adorable AsNTM Runner up: Joddily from Philliphine

From left to right: Janice - Indonesia, Sheena - Malaysia (The winner of Asia's Next Top Model Season 2), Joddily - Philiphines, Bona - Indonesia, Katarina _ Philiphines.

    TRESemm√©'s director and crew received their MURI's record

just became a new member of what-to-keep inside my desk as another memory

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