Walk On The Runway With Asia's Next Top Model...

Hiii readers, did you know that TRESemmé hold the Runway with Asia's Next Top Model in Jakarta, Indonesia? I'm very excited! Cause, yea I'm in! And I get butterflies in my stomach! I don't wanna be a Model, cause I knew, Model's life is tough. Is not the chance to be a Model that I searched for but the experience. I've been following Asia's Next Top Model on StarWorld since Season 1 and it came out as my favorite show! So when I find out I can meet and walk on the same runway with the Season 2 finalist, I can't help myself I would die for it! This moment means so much to me considering that I'm a Blogger and I love fashion. In short, I got the ticket for this event which need to re-register on the H-day so I can get the ID The Runway. The ticket is including 2 products of TRESemmé and lovely T-shirt with "Everyday is a fashion show, and the world is your runway!" on it. I also get a workshop from an expert people with 3 classes!:
1. Hairstyling Class
2. Fashion Styling Class
3. Cat Walk Class
So, no need to worry rite? Cause firstly, I'll learn how to walk properly. (But man, I'm still worry anyhow) This will be an another great experience in my whole life (Well, hopefully). I can't stop thinking about it... And I tell you once again, this event isn't a competition, is to have an experience and a chance to meet and greet with Asia's Next Top Model S2! Everyone can join as long as you have the ticket and follows the rules. But at the end of the event you can choose, between you want to get involve with TRESemmé "Youtube Star" competition that can win a contract about IDR 5.000.000, or not. Nah, for all of you who want to know more information about this event, you can contact me via Email: lucyanahendrika@yahoo.com with subject "Runway" I'll give you a full Information when, where, and how to join :)

Okay, thats it for today. My prayer of the month goes to this event! Hope that the event is going well without any obstruction. See ya there! I'm off to prepare my outfit and stuffs ;)
Have a nice day readers. Lucy, xx

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  1. Wah, seru kayaknya. Acaranya untuk tanggal brapa dan dimana? :D
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