One Of A Kind, A Farewell Kind Too...

No, this wasn't a real photo-shoot. I'm just chillin out w my two girls for the last time, because one friend of mine will go to Germany for study abroad, soon. Actually, I already have a plane-list-to-do before 2013 ends, photoshoot is one of it. I go crazy cause my some plane-lists are failed. Hate that I can't fulfill what I want to fulfill. But, I learnt, again, things doesn't always work out as the way we planned. Well, I let go. In this latest day I went to lunch and had a great quality time. From 56th Floor Rooftop restaurant, with love. I can't deny this is an absolutely adorable place to take a pict! You don't wanna missed a moment (photos) in this amazing skyline view from 56th floor. So, this is what happens when I found this SKYE wasn't have many people (customer) there. Also by a chance my outfit-wear was lookin perf~ that intent me to shoot some picts. These bunch of pictures were taken by Olivia Fabrianne and my friend who will go for study abroad is @jeanetoctaviani i wish a bunch, bunch of luck for you darl, and of course I'll miss you, you're my only friend, only Kingdom friend who has same big excitement about UK and that poprock band (read: One Direction), if 1D have a concert in Jakarta later, I will have no one to go with :'). Ah, right, this One of A Kind tee is a credit for G Dragon. No, i'm not a fan of him, I even don't really like KPop (sorry to say) but GD has an unique style that i adore! :). I also love some of his songs, like Crooked, and other songs which he record it with his band, Big Bang. K, done for today's post, keep waiting for my post lovely readers. I will do a real photoshoot on the next day, hopefully by in the end of February or Beginning of March you'll see my new post :). And if you have noticed, this is my very first OOTD pic with Ombre Hair! That taken in the Outdoor, lovely sunlight has makes my Ombre Hair looks.... You say it! x)  

Floral Denim; Pasarbaru --- Earings; Forever 21 --- White Ripped Jeans; Pasarbaru --- One of A Kind Tee; Online Shop --- Rounded Glasses; Pasarbaru --- 
The Little Things She Need's Chunky Heels ---

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