Jakarta Fashion Market 2013

A Fashion Bazaar, an introduction and exhibition of local Brands in Jakarta. At Fx Sudirman 3rd and 4th floor.
 December 6-8, 2013.

I came on Friday 6th, it's a first day and there're some fashion show!

I love this look! its simply feminine!
and also love the second pict. Looked strongly sexy! boyish look is always my fave 
      Loony Brand

These bunch of sweaters by Loony Brand are about IDR 200.000 (-/+) i really wanted to buy but i made priority list of some wardrobes i Need to buy (this sweater doesnt on my list) i can't buy it, i have limit budget D:  

Chiel Brand (Shoes)
just for your information the owner of this Brand is the one who graduated from London School of Public Relation Jakarta (LSPR) it's my future college so, i knew. I'll make a new post about it, soon. ;} and uhm if you have noticed, this brand shoes has been wore by Sonia Eryka on her post, Sonia Eryka X Chiel

       Herspot Brand
I bought one wardrobe from this brand which i'll wear it for my next photoshoot! wait for it fellas 
 I love their collections! It's young, wild, and glamour! Do you see that Blue Leopard print snapback? look SWAG babyyy. I love it!
Go check their Instagram: @herspot , Twitter: @shopherspot 
The owner also served me very nicely when I visited her booth and when I asked about her opinion which wardrobe I should buy for better, she gave me a completely answers that I want. 
I also asked how she can get into the Bazaar, it's from the college or... She said that she started it in online shop. And somehow she got the invitation to open her brand in a booth for this JFM Exhibition! coool... i said to her. But she respond me with humble. :D
Herspot booth from behind and the owner wearing mix pink-black-white shirt with long cropped black jeans and cute black shoes. She's so stylist as well!

this London bag is absolutely style crush!

Ah-ma-zing radio look-alike bag :O


i took this pict because seemed like the Model (who got interviewed by) is from LSPR student club :O
she hold the Totebag which was written "LSPR" in there.

I went up to the 4th floor, and stop walking by to take a pict of this cool booth and decided to take a look of their collections 
while I was taking a look of their collections, I heard one lady said "Hello" to me and she kept talking in English, so I asked them "You two aren't Indonesian?"
and yes, these two ladies were actually India  :O
I asked them to pose so I also can take their pict :D
The left one is Sakshi, and the right one is Tanvi
I absolutely couldn't help for not asking them how they could get into this Fashion Bazaar. Well, they told me the answers, but I didn't really get what they said. My bad, my English listening skill is still under Excellent. Pardon me. D: 

I told them that I'm obsessed about Culture within Fashion and they showed me their collections looks.
It's cool. This is a Bollywood style. It's Fashion and also Culture!

Thankyou Sakshi and Tanvi for being so kind and give me an excuse for my English,
and as my promised, I wrote about you two in my Blog! yay!
Thankyou again, and success for you two! :D
They owned a brand, named MesMeria.
You can go to their Instagram / Twitter: @Mesmeria01

nah, I also took a pict of my OOTD. What ? yees... i went to this Bazaar alone. I like being independent. Or actually I didn't have a partner to go :"). Sometimes, no wait I felt this almost every times, being the only child is Sick. i wish I have a Sister or a Brother. Nevertheless, I thank you Dear, Mirror.. Through you I do still can have a OOTD pict. *forever alone*   

after I shopped 2 wardrobes at the Bazaar, i went to Grand Indonesia Shopping Town directly, for there's something I wanted to buy. it's worth the wait :") after all these times I am feeling guilty, came out from shopping mall and store over, and over again without buy any wardrobes because I didn't have money at that time. 

Some of my wardrobes, some of which I wore for my today's outfit.
bytheway did you know this tank tee is from my long dress? yea I cropped it cos I think I already bored with that long skirt. Go see the tank tee before I cropped it here[click]  

yep! done for today's post but there still has 3 upcoming post before this December ends. I have a project! lol! stay tune! :D and have a great day readers!
- Lucy xx

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  1. Hello dearest Lucy Lie!
    How lucky that you're watching the fashion show! I just came to the 2nd day and not have much time there :(
    Do you know the link to the Chiel Brand? Bcos I'm craving for their shoes! I think it's a must to have at least one of their collection hihi
    I love your ootd bcos it's simple yet fierce xoxo

    Love, Ina ♥

    1. Hello too kak Ina! Thankyou for visiting my blog :D .yea its quite pretty fash show but its much prettier on the last day n i missed it :/. Ohmy, yes i knew, here their instagtam: @chielstore . N did u know Sonia Eryka? The chiel owner has endorsed their stuff for her to wear, this shoes has been wore by sonia eryka before. Yaampun ga ngehh. I think i shld re-write this post, x(

      Ahh thnkyouu. And yours too. I like ur outfit on jfm's day. Its very chic! I like to know more about how they Hijabners can still look fashionable though. Its inspiring :D

  2. Herspot is my favorite brand :D


  3. amazing!
    mind to follow each othr?
    pls let me know :)

  4. aahh seems so fun kakk! I wish I was in jakarta:(