The Last Time I Had A Crush On A Band, Not Remember When....

That moment when you came across a video of people with a stupid silly brotherhood yet natural talent that made your heartbeat up. You can’t stop but smile during the video and directly became one of your moodbooster. Say ‘vas happenin’ to ONE DIRECTION. Dubbed as the new British invasion, they are definitely the hottest groupband in town! Out as finalist of The X Factor (UK) season 7. They don’t even win, they got the third position. But who’s know? One Direction was already on their way to becoming bigger than ever. One Thing (their third Music Video) came out as my moodbooster since the first time I saw it.

They’re not really as brother as one like Jonas Brothers no, no, no…
They have different mum, and dad. But can’t you see? They had that such a strong unity.

I’ve watched One Direction: “A Year In Making” which showed at Indonesia Local TV @KompasTV. I saw their first audition as solo, each of them performed nicely but isn’t as great as they’re now, which came together as one. Massive thank you to Simon Cowell! Yes, Simon is their Coach, who I guess he already became very rich right now.

When they were performed as solo, in  first audition they hardly passed it. But after that, none of them get into the next level. I saw Niall cry then :(. Zayn, he failed at his performance by the choreography. He can’t dance, he ran away into back stage and was hiding himself :(. Harry, Louis and Liam were also upset because they’re eliminated. But Simon won’t let those great talents go away just like that, so he call them back again while Liam, and all the boys were packing bag to go home. Yeah thanks again to Simon! They wouldn’t even know each other if not because X Factor. But how can they came so closed? How can they came so united each other? How can they  live like they’re brothers? First, I didn’t get it either. But I bet it because they were really meant to be together, nothing could happen if it does not from God’s permission. Thanks to God! ;). And also because they had passed those moments (hard and bad) together, those Quality Time they had makes them able to understand each other.

They weren’t got this succeed easily, they had those UPs and DOWNs.  

And well, I also watched One Direction: “Interviewed by Gita Gutawa” She is Indonesian great young singer who is lucky could interview them while she was continuing her study at UK University. Really, really, really envied you Gita :’/. Anw I can’t deny that, the interview was going really flat… I wonder why uhm... At the end of the interview One Direction hardly said: “KAMI CINTA DIRECTIONERS INDONESIA” Awww~ we love ya too!

*Smirk* I rarely get so fanned into a person guys, I’m kind of girl that might will like something or someone easily. But I never love something or someone easily.
When world got Bieber fever,  I don’t.
When world are so crazy about K-POPI don’t.
That’s kind of proof. But doesn’t mean I don't know anything about them "up-to-date". I know some Bieber’s song which like: Beauty and a Beat, Stuck In The Moment, One Less Lonely Girl, Pray, Mistletoe, Eenie Meenie ft Sean K. I also admitted that Bieber is really multi-talented guy, he can play guitar, drum and dance. But there’s something in him that I just can’t acceptK-POP? I know either. TVXQ had split and came JYJ (Xiah-Junsu, hero-JaeJoong, Mickey-Yo-chun), while Max-Changmin and Yunho stayed in TVXQ. I once like TVXQ and hear their songs.   Big Bang! Yes, they’re really cool. They're the best boyband in Korea (as for me). I liked YG the most than SM. They absolutely can dance. Great body. Awesome creativity. Very Asians.I hear their songs too. Like Love song, Day After Day [Haru Haru] (this MV is really sad), Sun Set Glow, Lollipop ft 2ne1, and Fantastic Baby. But I just didn’t get the ‘emotions’. You know, kind of feeling that alliance between you and them.


But I wanted to tell you that The first group band I ever love is Westlife. Yes it is. First. I got the feeling with Westlife, they were hit and same like One Direction, I can see they had the Brother-ness each other. Westlife were having concert in Jakarta once, I didnt had a chance to come cause that time I was still a little kid. 

“People think that a boyband is air grabs and being dressed in all one colour, we’re boys in a band, we’re trying to do something different from what people would think is the typical kind of boyband. We’re trying to do different kinds of music and we’re just trying to be ourselves, not squeaky clean.”

From teenage years
with love,

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