Model : Baby Febriana
Dress : K o r e a n    T r a d i t i o n a l    D r e s s called H a n b o k
Place : M y   R o o m
Capture :   B y   M e   w i t h   B l a c k B e r r y   G e m i n i 
 A little story ‘bout my dress :
My mom made this for me
Cute huh? Yeah.. But, I wore it only once. It’s about nine years ago. I never thought this Korean Traditional dress called Hanbok could suit with me. My face, my skin WOOAAH -_-
Okay, seems like I got crisis “self esteem”. Then Baby came in to my house. Never planned it before to take a picture with this dress.. We just let it flow with our conversation. And u can see it by yourself, this dress more better wore by baby than me.HAHAHA. Thanks mom anyway!

Model : Evelyn Winstin Iskandar
a.k.a Evey/Eve

Place : M y   R o o m

Capture :   B y   M e   w i t h   B l a c k B e r r y   O n y x  II

Edit :  M e   A l s o


Evey was so excited about this. Just see.. Evey’s photos more than Baby’s photos (_ _ “) Evey wore a dress by my mom made too!
F.Y.I my mom is a fashion designer, cool huh? Yeahh..but not too famous. Don’t ask me..I’ve wore this dress also, and no, I don’t got crisis self esteem. I wore this dress boldly. I'm not sure what kinda dress that is. Baloons-arm dress? Little-fairy dress? Ohh.. you name it! :D

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